Fellowship Opportunities


Pastors Training Center in Kobwin, Uganda.

“We want to collect as many smart phones as possible; fill them with Bible study programs, and give them to pastors that attend training at the center so they can go back to their villages with some great tools that will help them continue in their study of God's Word so they can better take care of the flock of God.” 
Please see Will or Becky Tay for more specific information. (
fishingbusiness@outlook.com  607-319-1576)

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Christmas Program for Youth

We are collaborating with FICCC (First Ithaca Chinese Christian Church) in overseeing a Christmas Musical for youth ages 5-11. This will involve Saturday afternoon practices (max 9 practices for main parts).  We will need a small rotation of adult volunteers each week, to help with activities.  Please see/text Joni if you are interested in participating as cast or adult volunteer.

Sunday, December 15

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“See You at the pole” @ Ithaca High School

“See You At the Pole” event is open house style (come, stand with those who are there, pray silently or aloud, leave when you need to) at IHS. The Undivided high school club is hoping for a strong presence - 100 people - this year. Please text Joni if you need a ride.

Wednesday, September 25; 7:00 - 8:55 A.M.


The Pursuit of Biblical Manhood

Includes breakfast, teachings, fellowship & prayer. Strong edification! Text Pastor Scott if you need a ride.

Saturday, September 28; 8:30 - 11:00 A.M.


Ladies Fellowship

All ladies welcome. We will share a meal then transition to bible study, discussion, prayer & fellowship.  If able, bring a dish to pass.  Friends welcome. Please text Joni if you need a ride.

Thursday, September 19; 6:30 P.M.


Weekly Home Bible Study Group

Please join us as we glean much from Genesis, a “book of beginnings”.

[Paused for the summer; will continue in September]